Bad luck wind is a monthly show with Amman-based DJ Nidal Taha.



Ambient, Sound

Marja Ahti- The Currents

Taylor Deupree & Richard Chartier – Specification.Fourteen

Frédéric D. Oberland & Irena Z. Tomažin – Hieromancy

Roly Porter-Without Form

Thomas Köner-Tiento De La Luz 2

Ihor Okuniev-far side

Tom of England – Suspension

9T Antiope and Siavash Amini – Silver As in Silence

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Restraint

Rsundin – _siesmol

Lawrence English – Forgiving Noir 

Soho Rezanejad – The Private Nature

Ben Bertrand – Those Behind Us That We Follow

Martina Lussi- Movement in Mono (stereomix)

Regis – Alone of All Her Sex

Pete Namlook – Bedouin Love

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