For the next episode of their monthly show, NEOPLASM Collective invited the Kolomna based producer Thriwax.



Bass, Reggaeton, Electronic


Mina, Bryte – Abeka Bugatti

Benbo – L for L

Drippin – Air Jordans

Ozwald – Von Bossy

Gage – Floodgates

Matt Finnegan – Wa Dem Say

Moonshine – Ancestors Dance

Tristan Arp – Pipeline (Machine Woman Rework)

DJ Hesburger – Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance

Kaval – Reglo Roll

Nabil Hayat – Edge

Vixbongio – Solomonari

Alex Falk – EBE

Alex Index – Headache

Jackson Ryland – Hypnotherapy

Bakey – All Alone

They-Ra – Cave Drums

Jimmy V, Slum – n20

Woesum – Trident

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