For the upcoming show, NEOPLASM invites resident of their label— producer from St. Petersburg qwqwqwqwa. Join the show for an hour of angel energy. <3

St. Petersburg


UK Drill, Ambient, Dubstep, Jungle

know v.a – trauma

Harlem Loski X MizOrMac – DJ Khaled

Near – Friction

Bakey – Limit

oneohtrix point never – still life(In My Talons Edit ft. Michael Jackson )

Grimzo X El ‘Sav’ O – Amigos

Lamont – Hold Dat

Varg2™ & Exploited Body – Fuck You Forever (Parting Is Certain & Loss Will Come Again)

7038634357 – Sickle Sheen (Arms Open)

Khalil H20P – Estate Straight Line

111X – Pulse

Zebra Katz Feat. S Ruston – Monitor (S Ruston Remix)

qwqwqwqwa – unreleased

Varg – A Weak Heart To Break (BD 4-Ever)

E-Saggila – Crimson Liquescence

Gabber Modus Operandi – Padang Galaxxx

Slikback – AKI

Exploited Body – Contortion

Yen Towers – Rattle Me

Kassandra K Bak – code walk  xenia xamanek  ariana grande  kassandra k bak edit

M24 X Stickz We Dont Dance (Remix)

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