For the new episode, NEOPLASM collective invites Office Slave (fka Sergei German), DJ and producer from St. Petersburg, who is also known as an important figure at Kisloty club and his КРИЗИС event series, dedicated to minimal music.

St. Petersburg


Electronic, Minimal

Dimbiman – Tebh Theme

Plumber Pantti – Sno

Office Slave – Komposition 2

Heliyah – Unreleased

Plumber Pantti – Taltta

Okapi – 15 – Fattoria Assassina

Yello – Planet Dada (Flamboyant Mix)

Radiq – The Genetic Code

O – Teehetki

Minimalistic Sweden – kivald

Nôze – Le spleen du lemurien

EU – Hipenjoy

Prefuse 73 – Eve Of Dextruction

The Rip-Off Artist – Hippopocracy

Mr. Oizo – Feadz On

Cappablack – Components And Variables

Pole – Raum 3

Jay Haze – Feelings Are Hard

The Soft Pink Truth – Everybody’s Soft

Safety Scissors – Fly In My Soup

Matmos – Keine Zähne

Vitaminsforyou – Six O’Clock Whispers

Frivolous – High On The Plateau

Decomposed Subsonic – Answer

Ozy – Airhead

Anders Ilar – Between The Digits

Mossa – Giant Footsteps

[A]pendics Shuffle – Shine Another Light

Saito – Pitfalls

EU – Vrect

Aeroc – Soflo

Matmos – Office Furniture (After Evidence)

Alva Noto – Pulse Xs

Bianco – Dato

The Rip-Off Artist – Specify Mambo

BusSoom T – Don’t Change It

Jan Jelinek –  Fatback’s Wicky Wacky

Bus – Clappin’ Mike Shannon – Sudden Moves

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