An exploration of shifting rhythms and tricky drums in dance music from across the world.



Downtempo, Drumming, Bass

Track List:

Julianna Barwick – Flowers

Azu Tiwaline – Terremer

Nihiloxica – Mukaagafeero

Ploy – Pax Cultura

Pearson Sound + Clara – Mi Cuerpo

Anunaku & DJ Plead – Wheele

Walton – Djembe

Muqata’a – Tanqeeb تنقيب

Low Jack – Skin Riddim

Ikonika – Body Servants

Skee Mask – It Danza

Yak – Stampede

Lyra Valenza – Blind Spot Monitor

Pearson Sound – Cobwebs

3Phaz – Drill

Bulu – Fiyah

Sully – Porcelain

Minor Science – For Want of Gelt

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