Marwa Belhaj invites Kuwaits own Van Boom to the firsrt episode of her show HRAGE. A show hosted by Tunisian DJ & Artist, Marwa Belhaj Youssef, HRAGE is a collaboration between artists in order to balance between beauty and violence of sounds via many genres.



Mind Electronic, PIC

Ronce- Crushed (unreleased)

Demdike Stare – Null Results

Marc Acardipane – Don’t Touch That Stereo (Gabber Eleganza ft Delirio Impossible To remix)

DJ Pacifier – Beginning to Breathe (Daniel Ruane Failed Reset)

ZULI – Trigger Finger (Daniel Ruane Relapse)

A-0 – Ammunition Test Signal For Sound System

Exploited Body – Artificial Proximity

Ansome – The Smell Of Rabble (Perc Trax)

Gabber Modus Operandi – Kon

Van Boom – DOOM ft. Matt Tecson

Marshall Masters a.k.a. Marc Acardipane – E-Day (Body Sushi Remix)

JASSS – Turbo Olé

7777 の天使 – Desire, The Angels

Sadwrist – ????

whiterose – ravX

Amnesia Scanner – AS Another Life (Exploited Body Remix)

BULMA – As Crust X Swizzymack (Bulma Edit)

Soda Plains – No Fear

Van Boom – II (Bulma remix)

Exploited Body – Dysphoria

Van Boom – Doom ft. Matt Tecson

Osheyack & Nahash

my sword – damage over time

Loyalty XIX – False Validation

Loyalty XIX – Cerate ft. DJ Heroin (Van Boom Edit)

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