Bleep and early breakbeat hardcore directions of modern dance music.



Bleep, Breakbeat, Hardcore

Exocet – Overdose

Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It (Original Mix)

The Scientist – I Bee (Honey Combed Mix)

The Future Sound Of London – 1-in-8

Ubik – The Truth Vibration

The Black Dog – Age Of Slack

The Black Dog – 7.8.

Unit 93 – One More Story

Rotor – Purely Rhythm

Rhythmatic – Rhythmatix

Rhythmatic – Nu-Groove

Altern 8 – Underground

Zero Zero – Zeroxed

Tricky Disco – House Fly (Radical Rockers Remix)

Psyance – EQ

LFO – Nurture

Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis (Original Mix)

Mental Cube – Q (Santa Monica Mix)

Man Machine – Shout

Altern 8 – Destiny

Turntable Overload – TTO (Total Terror Mix)

The Bogey Man – Horrors! (Part II) (Peak Energy Mix)

Danse City – Wax-Works!

Danse City – Jus’ Move

Eze-Ozo – Rokkit

Altern 8 – Give It To Baby

The Scientist – Exorcist

Aircut – Visual Attack (From The Home Of Humanoid)

Flag – We Came To Party (Pompous Intro Mix)

Psychic TV – DiscOmen

Psychic TV – JOY (Joy-Orgasm-Youth)

Unique 3 – Weight For The Bass

Indo Tribe – In The Mind Of Child

Indo Tribe – Owl (I Can See You Mix)

The Future Sound Of London – Pulse State (831 AM Mix)

Ubik – Ram Raid

Urban Fugitives – Vertigo (Very High Mix)

Lennie De Ice – We Are I.E.

Ital Rockers – Ital Selection (Dubplate Style)

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