Maltash is a Lebanese musician currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Stuck between constant love and detachment from the world, his music comes out as a harsh yet emotionally twisted reaction to modern day society. Songs to Ease the Decay is curated for people who have come to terms with the world going deeper into irreversible deterioration, but still cling on to life, dancing and head banging even to their own apocalypse. If you fight long enough you might die a loser… so might as well be an escapist for a late night hour and delve into the darkest, most emotionally-packed music Maltash could find.



Doom Metal, Shoegaze, Darkwave

Amenra – A Solitary Reign

Windhand – Orchard

Electric Wizard – Mountains of Mud

Tiamat – Whatever That Hurts

Ash Code – Dry Your Eyes

The Angelic Process – Burning in The Undertow of God

Suir – Warsaw

Amenra – Plus Pres de Toi

Nocturna – A Cannibal Rose

Kaelan Mikla – Kalt

ssshhhiiittt! – корабль

Lustre – Phantom Part I

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