George Farid is an Egyptian producer and sound designer based in Germany. His project, ltfll, focuses on tense polyrhythmic drum patterns and ambient surroundings.



Dance, Electronic, Leftfield Bass

Art Crime – Aimless lady intense afternoon

OL — Expert Sleeper

Poborsk – Cello Yack (ABADIR Remix)

Exael + Arad Acid – Furi

Andrew Oda – Enfold

sv1 – Wellspring

Space Afrika – Oread

mutate3k – Safeguard (Art Crime Remix)

Chevel – Alba Adriatica

Quest-onmarc – WORLD, STOP! (PT. 1)


Loto Retina – Loco

O.L.I.V.I.A. – iLOVE

Michael Aurelius – Broken Fangs (ft Millia Rage)

ZULI – Keen Demag

Jabes – Wilder

SIQMENT.HIDDEN – SR-03CQ-MMS (feat.since2side)

Heinrich Schwarzer – Figur1_2-22

Church Andrews & Matt Davies – BRONKO

Nebulo – Parallaxes – Vif Argent

World Canvas – to affect (and to be affected)

Yelzin – Hammertone

111x – 3e269ffe

Happa – One Three Five

Skee Mask – Reefer Madness

Tropical interface – extract (Ship Sket recycle)

Slikback – TRAK4

Qba Janicki & Obsequies – Metamorfoza

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