Rachiid Paralyzing is a dj/producer and sound designer from Colombia focused on sound lines such as idm, brain feed, experimental, Maximal dance and many more. The particularity of his sets is that they are unpredictable and he likes to surf in many different styles. Rachiid is due to his futuristic spirit which leads him to the most experimental dynamic extremes without leaving aside the heavenly, because the rhythm for him is a very relative and varied concept. Rachiid is currently writing a new EP entitled “Unbearable Lightness” where he explores a bit the concept idea of his own sound from maximal dance.



IDM, Brain Feed, Experimental, Breaks

Island People – His Illusion [Raster]

Lyra Valenza – Enfant Terrible [PI-240]

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM – Numbers Stumbling / Falling wont kill a bird (ft. NikkiH2OP)

Last Life – Ancient Lightning 

Sam Binga x Lewis James x Rider Shafique – Everfresh

Lurka – Powder [DAMAGE001]

Soreab – Flowers

IDGlitch – Akina

Retium – faal

Galen tipton – that was for luck

ASJ – Corporeality

???? – ????

Endless Mow – spellcasters

Vessel – Argo (For Maggie)

Amor Satyr – I Got Troops 

SW2 – Dirty South (with Moses Boyd & Emmanuel Folorunso) (Sully Remix)

??? – ??? [Unreleased]

Jurango – This Better Worth 

Tension – Body Opulent (feat. Artemon) [Flood]

Duswunder – Esc

SNKLS – Stir [Polaar]

Giordano – Sticky End [Sävy Records]

Joe Craven – Hey Sexy

Anmon – Tuvan I-II [Yuku]

KRXNX – Genealogía 

Tadleeh – White Flames On Black Embers (Slikback remix)

bonebrokk – Nessus Chant

Kessler – Moonlight Branches

The Future sound of london – Brief Silence

3MB – Jazz Is the Teacher (Moritz von Oswald + Thomas Fehlmann Mix) 

Rapid Antics – Ultrashell (Bad Zu remix)

T5UMUT5UMU – Entropy 

Kelvin T. – Ice Sculpture 

Poisonous Birds – We Move, Plastic (ASTRYD Remix)

Roho – Lost Relicts

Lara Sarkissian – The Girl, Leopard and Trees.

????  – ????

Thugwidow – A Figure of Speech

Social Distancing (Richard Devine A Cappella Edit)

kid dust – vast, immense 

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM – Fluffy (ft. LYZZA) 

DJ Pai – No Futuro [NEA$]

Jlin – Black Origami 

Rainmaker – Zenith (feat. Talvezmanuela) [Artificio]

AAAA – No La Tengo [Acid Test]

??? – ??? [Unreleased]

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