ltfll invites Fausto Mercier in this month’s show. Roland Nagy is a sound engineer, ex media arts student, and producer who started his Fausto Mercier project in 2016. His work in the field of electronic music production, while resonating with hardcore digital culture and bouncy rhythmic heaviness, is closely connected to his fascination for natural soundscapes and their fractal nature. Artwork by Mostafa El Baroudy



Ambient, Computer Music, Experimental

Agustin genoud – devoiced, horizonte vertical, ein gespenst ( myen remix )

Andrew Oda- Sotto

akiko haruna- die and retry babas

Jabes – Jest

Rian Treanor – Mirror Instant

sv1 – atrophy

Maria Teriaeva – Paris Texas

mutate3k – Transmute

Sangra – Luis Pestana

Høst – Passive


T5UMUT5UMU – Thunder Squall 雷飑

Obsequies – Inferno

silent phil – dxp’fo98676

tropical interface – 03 451 -+1-4-

Ice_Eyes – AFMR

Nexcyia –  Exist By Hope Alone

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