A focus on alternative new releases, by Kid Fourteen, who recently started the collective KIDSPLAY.



Indie pop, Experimental Rock, Electro

Joshua Idehen · Danalogue · Alabaster DePlume · Dan Leavers – Broken Tooth Skyline

John Carroll Kirby – High, feat. Eddie Chacon & Nailah Hunter

Virginia Wing –  I’m Holding Out For Something

Kevin Morby – Brother/Sister

Public Memory – Dracula A.D.

Reptaliens – Taking

Loma – Blue Rainbow

Sleaford Mods – Mork n Mindy Ft. Billy Nomates

Augenwasser – Paid the Rent / Going Out

Headman – Suspect Slow Instrumental

Shintaro Sakamoto -The Feeling Of Love 

Black Country, New Road – Science Fair

Lambchop _ Shirley

Perfume Genius – Without You

Gentle Dom – Frankie Goes To Andromeda 

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