A lot of different sounds, eclectic, dedicated to friends Yusra Nazek and Lil Asaf.



Electronic, Club, Cloud Rap

Ecco2k – Don’t Ask

Planxty – Si Bheag Si Mhor

Soap Kills – Dub4me

Dean blunt – Five

Dean blunt – Three

Zuli – Mazen

Cuban Doll – Fuck em

Tokyo Fist – Over Crowd

645AR – Plan

Lil Wop – Friday The 13th

Mhysa – Sanaa Nathan

Thoom – ???

Bbymutha – Sweeter Than A Savage

Dasychira – Puppet Ballerina Edit ft. Embaci

Ecco2k – Blue Eyes

Sicko Mobb – Lonely

Guirro – Cheda

James Ferraro – Bags

Onumi – Unglue My Name

Vromm x La Chat (Khadije Blend)

Amnesia Scanner – Chaos

Soap Kills – RnBullshit

Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake

God – White Pimp Cut Up

Hirakish – Superstar

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