In this show jjjacob takes the first hour to showcase his autumn inspirations through an eclectic blend of everything from his own new music to hard hitting clubready bangers and innovative experimental and ambient tunes. This is followed by the newest katharsis artist Sugar Ross, who shows his style through ASMR-esque ambient and abrasive techno.



Ambient, Cleansing, Emotional

jjjacob – Realm of Essence

Traumesser – Conversion Artifact

Sarnadas – Alves D Veiga Scene

QOW – Mshqla

Kheireddine Aoun & Imbibement & Sçlé & Bademjan – Belieber

Yuurself – Transforming

Porter Brook – To Remain Undivided

Feloneezy – Ebb Tide Lock

Gila – Hail Force

Panser Kone & Anders Boserup – G-star Bleeder

Clarissa Cornelly, Johan Polder & Sufie Elmgreen – The Rider

Infant – Mute

Stefano Luna – Sinto Muito

Car Culture ft. Great Skin – Talk Story

Maxwell Sterling – Decay Time

Nídia – Popo

Lurka – Rhythm Hi-Tek

Rian Treanor – Hypnic Jerks

Himera – Ecstas

Dead Fader – Raw Food (Roly Porter Remix)

Détente – End of the Road

Mo Chuisle – Esther

Auricular – Antitragus

Yawning Portal – Water Lvl

d’Eon – #14

adammmmmmmmmmmm – _[+_+]_ (feat. almond)

Oklou – gods chariots (°w°s droplet edit)

nunu – Aged

Irena & Vojtech Havlovi – A Pouhym Dotykem

Sugar Ross [01:00:00-02:00:00]

Lovozero – Descend Pt. II

Kevin Drumm – Violent Day Dreams

Female Wizard – Pagan Youtube

Ju ca – Filigree ft. Alex Zhang Hungtai

De Patterning –  V

Chelsea Bridge – Quicksails

BRRR – Damai Perkara

Blackphone 666 – In Your Area

Taylor Dupree – _doClip

Aki Onda- Growth

Cloudy Ku – Dependent Arising

Bonnie Mercer – Lilac & Rose

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – In Her Hair

Sugar Ross – In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Glenn Bennie – Lo res

1st of May – May May May

David Chesworth and Bill Mcdonald – Where The Wild Thyme Grows

TIBSLC – A Shell Like Object

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