Kaleidophone is a free-form hour of music where anything goes. A sonic space where genres can forget about their differences and play along, where drastic changes in mood are possible. In this episode, we explore music from potential futures and alternate presents. Adham Zidan is a musician, recordist, mixer and producer based in Cairo.



Psychedelic, Experimental, Noise

Monkey — Monkey’s World

Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa — I Create in the Broken System

Silver Apples — Lovefingers

Four M — Monawaat Sharkeya

Haruomi Hosono — Hotel Malabar: Upper Floor, Moving Triangle

Foodman — Uoxtu

Porest — Worm Sum

Tarkamt — Death Takes a Vacation

Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan — Whirling

Swag Lee — 2add w 2add

Mammane Sani — Tunan

Young Marble Giants — Colossal Youth

Syzygys — Fauna Grotesque


Charanjit Singh — Raga Bhairav

Loka — Meet Dad

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