This show basically aims to focus on underground sounds from the UK including UK Garage, 2-step garage, UK Bass, UK Funky, UK Grimes & UK Drill (addition of more subgenres is possible). As a big fan of these sounds obviously, the show aims to expose listeners in Egypt & the region in general to these sounds/genres. The show will definitely be a space for more than those sounds to include more genres by me as well as my guest artists. Genres will include Jungle, Drum & bass, Footwork, Leftfield.



UK Garage, 2-step, UK Bass, UK-Funky

Daffy – Put Your Feet Up

Groovy D – Timeless

Pepe Elle – Hype Dope

ATW – Yuh Bumpa

ATW – Number One

Stones Taro – Again

Syz – Circulate

Raynor – Round Off

Main Phase – Run Dancehall

Phasmid – Deadpan

Papa Nugs – Honey

Pepe Elle – Inexcusable

Alfredo Romero – Wan More

Alfredo Romero – Mad Man

Pepe Elle – Thump

Soul Mass Transit System – Take My Love

Main Phase – FWD Thinking (2006 Mix)

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