A collage of original tracks and collaborations, some unreleased and others recorded live.



Electronic, IDM, Experimental

Koltun (Michael Koltun, Jad Atoui, Cem Misirologu) – For Rosalie 

Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal –  Amber color

Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal – Discourse

Jad Atoui – Step Focus

NP (Anthoyn Sahyoun & Jad Atoui) – untitled

Jad Atoui – Fdbck

NP – Cosmic Whales

Jad Atoui – Thunder Nation Radiokvm Remix

Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal – Vice versa

Jad Atoui – S-ho 

Jad Atoui – Black Lanterns

NP  – 90’s

Biosonics -Prickly Pear’s response to NaOH

Biosonics -Prickly Pear’s response to PH4 / PH10

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