Independent label #internetghetto started as a passion project of Hyperboloid Records and is now one of the constant developing platforms for up and coming music producers from Russia and all over the world. #internetghetto has very freeform programming and often includes premieres of other labels music together with free singles and “name your price’ releases. We are interested in the process of creation of the new sounds, constantly shapeshifting and evading genre definitions, vaguely described as bass and experimental electronic music. We play our favourite music, including tracks premiered on our soundcloud, #INTERNETGHETTO releases and some forthcoming music on Hyperboloid Records and #INTERNETGHETTO`s premieres and releases. We decided to play new music and don’t plan on any end of the year lists.



Deconstructed Club, Footwork, Ambient

Oklou – gods chariots (Basile3 Lost Club Mix)

Miss Jay – Ex Machina (feat WRACK)

ParallelAction ft CharlieBoyManson Ten Out Of Ten (Vocal)

Amis – Shepherd’s Warning

silent phil & Kaissa – What Is Essential

Akrobat – Daily Routines

Fisky – Standalone

DJ SKYNET – Break The Ice (Britney FLIP)

Various Artists – Corona Ate My Dollaz (Ani Klang Remix)

Lost Armor – Blow To Consciousness

T5UMUT5UMU – Daybreak

Jan Amit – Lulus Adventures


Ani Klang – Burn the Empire (Daniel Ruane Relapse)

DESTROY – Beer Sun Pleasure

Europa – Baby Bliss

Sun People – Something Nothing (Original Version)

THUGWIDOW & Bruised Skies – Requiem for a Sesh

RaptorHandz & Face Invada – Fools

Thugwidow – You See How It Spreads Out Like A Fungus

Rouborgen – Toxic Drakkar

33EMYBW – Coupling

Torus – Radiate 540 (St Costa edit)

Trance Wax – Trance 25

Skin On Skin – Memories of Before


Sangam & Kid Smpl – Relight, Reignite

8 Circuit Aesthetics – Voices

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