Consciousness itself is an infinite regress. Contrary to most of his recent work, jjjacob showcases here a variety of noisier and more agressive tracks. With tracks ranging from the postpunkish ballad of Soho Rezenejad, to the hardcore juke of DJ Hvad, to the unrestful banger of Ice_Eyes, he finishes off the set with two of his own unreleased ambient spells.



Post Punk, PIC, EBM

Soho Rezanejad – New Spring

Tim Hecker – Castrati Stack

Kareem Lotfy – Chromosome

Lyra Pramuk – Mirror

Accotica – Mercuratio

Petit Singe – Primordiale

Torn – Loopback

DJ Hvad – Handwork Pandit

Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana

LOFT – it’samurkylife-gabrielunderthemanholecover

PHOEBE – 191218

Lighyer – Oy1Xp

Otro – Comparing Pleasures

1127 – DF Trash 100

Ice_Eyes – Skin Ft. Carina Obukhova


nlt- mya gomez _ master

RUI HO – Albafica (Dis Fig Remix)

Temp-Illusion – Macabre

Yearling – Resortplex Guide

Chevel – We Network Of Creation

Noumeno – Sensorial Surrogate (Shapednoise Remix)

Pouya Ehsaei – There #5

Slugabed – Sally in the wood

jjjacob – Völva [unreleased]

jjjacob – untitled [unreleased]

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