Athens based artists Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa started their relationship as Ice_Eyes members some years ago. Together they produce leftfield electronic music forms. Both artists are constantly experimenting with modern club territories, techniques, and atmospheres. Their favorite palette of materials consists of advanced dynamic sound motifs, sub-zero pitched bass drops, and rhythmic alchemies.



Experimental, Leftfield, Hardclub

Motionfield – Injection 1

Ziúr – Antifate

Sweet Philly – Justice (Four Courts)

CORIN – Hidden In Plain Sight

Assyouti – Lambat

NET GALA – Dodomzit (A Radical, Cynical Tool)

Oldyungmayn – Bassboor

bonebrokk – The Astral Catalyst

RUI HO – Ready to Wear

Beneath – Shambling

MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI – Serenade To a Gelatin ( feat. ZULI) ABADIR – IV

Hngwy – Bolt mst

Simos Ares – Chains In My Feet

MarcelDune – The Day I Fall

Vina Konda – Melting E.coli

DJ YTP – Barracuda (whippets Mix)


Hyper John & Dj Warka – Fair Brief

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