Guested by video and sound artist Hajj, cofounder of the Dawn label and member of Schnell Records



Trap, Rap, Jungle

Lil Asaf – Thabat

Hajj – I tried to tell ya something thru this fucking phone

D3M0R – Talk to Me

Pessimist – The Crawlers

Abadir – Xlrat

Bc Rydah – Clapping Season

Yazzus – 7th Heaven

1127 & Grim Sickers – Black bin Bag Him

Gooooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – JAC

Lil Asaf – Mbakal (prod. Bashar Suleiman)

Death Qualia – Bright Black

Xiu Xiu – Wig Master

Young Echo – Voices On the Water

Pariah – 2-09 Orpheus (Oneohtrix Point Never Subliminal Cops Edit)

Young Hunting – Of The Other

Vessel – Villane

Untold – Stop What You_re Doing (Kowton Remix)

Zomby – Trapdoor

Mya Gomez – Tenderheaded

Mssingno _ HXE – MXE

Pearson Sound – Quivver

Vatican Shadow – He Held The Victims Responsible

Young Echo – Umoja

Bladee – Anywhere (prod. F1LTHY & OOGIE MANE)l.

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