Hamag is an artist collective, whose work oscillates between the aural qualities of the image and the pictorial aspects of sound.



Dance, Electronic

Deftones – Headup

Kadodi – Nihiloxica

Ghostmelody – Forest Biz

Øfdream – Fallen Angel x Wegz

Earl Sweatshirt – Mtomb x Kanye West – Freestyle 4

Khôra – A Countenance of Meshing Waves

Khôra  – A Body’s Wisdom is Alien Silence

Omuzira ft MC Yallah – Scotch Rolex

Mala – Changes (James Blake Harmonimix) x Fr3on

xxxxx – xxxxx

96 Neve Campbell feat Cam & China – Clipping

Slyver – AK47

Hazel – Big Mami Locsta

33EMYBW – Frankenstein

SD Laika – Gated Synth Draft – Glimmer

معدن –ترزي

Flying Lotus – Camel

Quelle Chris – Wyrm

Nathan Johnson – The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze

Kirk Barley – The Night

Leonie Roessler and Dirar Kalash – November

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