Italian producer Hålbå displays granular textures and dystopian grooves to embody his vision of an uncertain future.



Industrial, Electronic

 Giuseppe Falivene – Hypergate

 OTHK – 1986

 Matriarchy Roots – Lifestyle (After The Rise Comes The Fall)

 Fear Itself – Primal Cut

 Roly Porter – Departure Stage

Chino Amobi –  At the Gates of Paradiso (pt. I)

/pulsr_ – Rebirth

 Never Worse – Misery

Shapednoise –  Intruder

 Asfast – Prime Prison

 Belief Defect – The Conduit

 Exploited Body – Tears

 Tetsumasa – Nex

 Krolik – Og Bobby Trustin

 Tyler, The Creator – Who Dat Boy (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Tristan –  State of Fragility

Tristan – C Will Die Like Everything

 Refectori – Corba Praxitel·liana

 King Midas Sound – Bluebird

 Alberich – Snow Is Falling In the Ruins of Stalingrad

/pulsr_ – Asbestos

 Iron Sight – A Loser Game

 Naked – Tear

 Kinlaw & Franco Franco –  Reality Check (Avon Terror Corps)

 Shalt – Nid De Guepes (Nunu Remix) (Astral Plane Recordings)

 ANFS –  Varkiola

 Salac – Soiled (Avon Terror Corps)

 Imminent Starvation – Infected (Ant-Zen)

 H ø R D – LRN (Furor Remix)

 Prison Religion –  YABBADABBADO

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