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An hour of post dembow, reggaeton and percussive bass music. Güero is a London-based DJ and producer. During his time living in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, he immersed himself in the sounds of reggaeton and the dembow rhythm. For his first show, he focuses on exploring the connections between post dembow, reggaeton and contemporary leftfield dance music.



Post dembow, Bass, Reggaeton

Carlos Villamizar – Sacudida hípnica ft. Nicolas Rosero

Tristan Arp – Gypsum

Sangre Nueva – Sola

Juanny Depp – Toncontín

Tazar Yoot – Genesis 2.24

Yak – Knothole

Dites Safran – Rouj

Nicola Cruz – O sea, sí te quiero (Feat. Isabella Lovestory)

Korzi – Basmati Bandit

Daniel 58 – Las Acacias, El Quisco

Sassy Ggirl – Esta Noche

Nicola Cruz – Sin Retorno (Ehua remix)

Lurka – Clean

Sosi Posi – Meta Nota (Feat. Nick León)

Farsight – Cadena

De La Ghetto – Sé (Flaca Edit)

El Fother, Quimico Ultra Mega, Ñengo Flow – La Calle es de Nosotros (Feat. El Don 45) (Remix)

Villanosum – Pica Pollo

DJ Python – Todo Era Azul (Siempre Dub)

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