Gin&Platonic had a pleasure to invite an emerging Czech sound designer Natálie Pleváková for a killer guestmix in the second part of their show.

Czech Republic


Experimental, IDM, Ambient

Ábris Gryllus – Object 08

yab; yvanko – Parages

Jana Rush – Disorientation

Christoph De Babalon – What’s Wrong with Tomorrow

Significant Other – Pendant

Amazondotcom – Gut Ritual

Nazar – ATL – LAD

Leo – to fade

Ludwig Wandinger – Pferdestärken

Fausto Mercier – O O Doomscrll

Alley Catss – Compelled

Logos – Loop 9

Still/Biga Yut – Plupawa

Michael J. Blood – PURGE 1

Lee Gamble – You Left A Space

And Rose Peacock – Now Or Never

CFCF – After the After


Yuri Morozov – Неизъяснимое (part 1)

Kablam – Plague (Yantan Ministry Remix)

Natálie Pleváková – civil (live from LOM excerpt)

keta gözlüm – phosphorus lakes

lulu – double gueule

VectorSize – Menta


Andrius Arutiunian – Armen (LP, excerpt)

Mariana Maruyama – Softly at First

Phoneutrian – Ballad (Woozy)

0comeups – s2g (feat ssaliva)

Atau Tanaka – bio28:rhy23:thms33

Shackleton With Anika – Endless Memento / Regression / Wading Through the Underworld

Natálie Pleváková – *perturbator

Ikram Bouloum – Ineia (oxhy remix)

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