After releasing their mini-album Flower Knight, Gin&Platonic are proud to invite Harry Murdoch alias hmurd to their next guestshow hosted on ma3azef.

Czech Republic


Experimental, IDM, Ambient

Koeosaeme – 212202115:46 (feat. Seth Graham)

Foodman – Iriguchi


Rat Heart – 02

Evitceles – Sleep Room

Slikback – Collision

Don Zilla – Moving Space

Rxm Reality – Climateric

Razmiel – AQAD

Yen Tech – Herd

CORIN – Sublimate

Aircode – Concentric

Koreless – Shellshock


Bookworms – Snooty2

Queimada – Maggot

Flaty – LISC

Onsy – Sevven

7038634357 – Flashlight

DJ Swedish Glace’s iPhone – Train Lads

Competition – tell me what you want to hear (ssoobs sample)

glass salt – crystal clear

Dilute – People

A V Moves – Login

Dane Law – a slice of forest time

William Eaton – William Eaton Track 9

Sleepsang – Ocean Dammed

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg – Jack and Oscar Have a Fight

Meet Me In St. Louis – You’re Doomed

Lauren Duffus – Soho Radio (Crying Song)

Ichi – シェタニシェタニ – Shetani Shetani

Pavement – In The Mouth A Desert

DJ Pitch – Think I Didn’t

“Blue” Gene Tyranny – The Invention of Memory, piano introduction (Live at Roulette, New York, December 1, 2004)

Dean Blunt – DASH SNOW

Gay For Johnny Depp – Here

Shield Your Eyes – Come On Melissa Are You A Kisser

FUJI||||||||||TA – sukima

A Silver Mt. Zion – For Wanda

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