“As Giek_1 I’m relaying my journey from self-destruction and escapism into healing and spiritual growth. This path connected me to the multidimensional layers of existence and the universal knowledge that we are here on earth to create our own reality. With this mix I wanted to tap into these multidimensional aspects and wisdoms and do something different from my normal live-shows.”



Ambient, Experimental, Avant Pop

Giek_1 – 5th Dimension

Giek_1 – Metempsychosis

Giek_1 – Colliding Manifestations

Giek_1 – A New Existence

Giek_1 – Duality (prod. J(ay).A.D)

Giek_1 – Suffocating on my High

Giek_1 – Summon (prod. J(ay).A.D)

Migu & TRISTAN ft. Giek_1 – Bad News

Giek_1 – Spiritual Dissipation

Giek_1 – Immortal (prod. J(ay).A.D)

Giek_1 – 5 in the Morning (Charli XCX remix)

Giek_1 – Balance(prod. J(ay).A.D)

Giek_1 – Ascending

Giek_1 – Hardest Storm (prod. Frenquency)

Giek_1 – Aengelien Hexpecimen

Giek_1 – Longing

Giek_1 – Horrormonal pt. 2

Giek_1 ft. Bobby White – Cheap Thrillz (prod. J(ay).A.D)

Soul Venuxx ft. Giek_1 – Standing Stone

Giek_1 – Paradise (prod. J(ay).A.D)

Giek_1 – Quantum Timeline Upgrade

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