Kicking off this year with a takeover by electronic producer Hassan Abou Alam. Critically acclaimed for his surgical beats and chaotic sound design. Featured on Violet’s Naivety label; his EP “T44″climbed BandCamp’s best selling list. For my show’s fourth episode he’ll be showcasing an hour of breaks, bass and experimental music.



Bass, Breaks, Experimental

Crypticz – Memories Fade As I Drift Away

Will Alfred – Falling Frontwards Into Pincers

J. Albert – Sahara Desert Dating App

Metrist – QQraasi Qraas

Suze – Porpita

unknown artist 001 – b1

Clemency – Testimony (Perko Remix)

Bruce – Cables

Nikki Nair – Power Tool

Hassan Abou Alam – Hope Amidst Despair

Significant Other – Drum Therapy

Monibi – Corona Ate My Dollaz (Ani Klang Remix)

Cleyra – Shafted

Stenny – Whyrl

Jabes – Spunn

LOFT – Elevium B

Lee Gamble – Folding

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