An exploration of bass music featuring tracks from local and international artists.



Ambient, Bass, Dub

Caterina Barbieri, Evelyn, Saylor, Lyra Pramuk, Annie Garlid, Stine Janvin- Fantas Variation for voices

Postdrone- Unreleased

Tinkah- Grow

Lithe- Gabba Charm

Najib- Metastasis

Ashrar- Bent el 7alal (Unreleased)

Ship Sket, Richi- Crooks (Ship Sket edit)


Slikback X Van boom- Skin Tight                          

Nocturnerror- A Virgin Tele-Existence

Firas Shehadeh- Tears and Blood

Postdrone- Untitled

Ashrar- Granulosis (Unreleased)

Ice Eyes- Maps of despair (Abadir remix)

Glass- Skin transferred

Babe Roots- Tribal War (Stenny Remix)

Raiden- Ryugyong (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)

Ashrar- Unreleased

ZULI- Etay el Baroud

Blackhaine- Hotel

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