Hammady takes over Frhud, a show monthly show by Shadi Farid, with a post-metal mix blending genre defining artists and new bloods.



Post Metal, Sludge, Avant Garde

Mothra – Awake the Machine

Below A Silent Sky – The Highest Shrine

Black Sails For Red Seas – As Above, So Below

Bossk – I

Jesu – Everyday I Get Closer to the Light

Russian Circles – Quartered

Tenhi – Uuuvu Oravan Luu

Sumac – Attis’ Blade

Callisto – Wormwood

Boris – Farewell

Omega Massif – Unter Null

ISIS – The Tower

Cloudkicker – Dysphoria (live with Intronaut)

YOB – Adrift in the Ocean

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