2 hours of noise and heavily distorted guitar music to smash things(shit) up to.



Noise, Rock, Experimental

RAKTA – Filhas Do Fogo

Exhalants – Bang

Cherubs – Sooey Pig

Alexis Marshall – Nature in Three Movements

The Jesus Lizard – Nub

Shifting – Spudgasm

Psychic Graveyard – Is There A Hotline

Chat Pile – Dallas Beltway

Luggage – Shift

Slikback – RAGE

FACS – Teenage Hive

Big Brave – Muted Shifting Of Space

Sly & The Family Drone – Dead Cat Chaos Magician

Hammerhead – The Starline Locomotive

Oxbow – Gal

Sightless Pit – The Ocean Of Mercy

Arsenal – When Heads Collide

black midi – Chondromalacia Patella

Doomsday student – L.S.D. Mom

Hoover – Distant

Easy Prey – Gasoline Mouth

Mamaleek – Eating Unblessed Meat

M.E.S.H – Antechamber

Big Black – Kerosene

sewingneedle – Whirlybird

Daughters – Satan In The Wait

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