evo-natura is an avant-garde label based in Athens, Greece. For their 13th episode, evo-natura invites Charlie Noir for 1 hour of melancholic vibes.



Ambient, Electronic, Drone

charlie noir – os enamorados

Lucrecia Dalt – No era sólida

charlie noir – ID

Davaajargal Tsaschikher – Empty.. but it doesn’t mean nothing

Yves Saint Assata – Panama Mwen Tombe

Mabi Fratti – Que Me Hace Saber Esto

Pansy & Yves Saint Assata – Séance

Felisha Ledesma – selfish interlude

charlie noir – ID

Vanessa Amara – Piano Bells & Two Reversed Tape Loops

Geneva Skeen – Flutter in Place

Mabe Fratti – Escuchábamos algo optimista

charlie noir – Sal 7%

Body Sculptures – A Body Turns to Eden

Anne Chris Bakker – Verdicht me

Valentina Goncharova – A1 Symphony Of Wind


Sarah Haras – Wind

JURAMENTO – a eso le temo hoy día

Lucrecia Dalt – Cao

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