evo-natura is an avant-garde label based in Athens, Greece. For their 16th episode, evo-natura invites Montreal-based sound artist Bénédicte for an hour of emotional & dreamly compositions featuring some of our favorite artists.



Ambient, Electronic, Drone

Dominic Voz – City Currach (feat. Jonathan Sielaff)

Perila – Amorphous Absorption

J.G. Biberkopf – Lake Symphony

Brin – Necklace

Yuri Vinogradov — Miniatures: Compliment

Andrew Ota – Enfold

Sofie Birch & John Caroe – Connotes Beauty

Eiko Ishibashi – Torn Page

J – yellow leaf flutters on a nail

SKY H1 – Labyrinth

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bibo no Aozora (Babel Soundtrack)

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Pre-Barok

Perila – Crash Sedative

Martha Skye Murphy & Maxwell Sterling – 93.3 km

Vanessa Amara – Manos

Paul Sauvanet – Initiation

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