Sofia-based artist Evitceles selects music he’s had on repeat for the past couple of months, in addition to some unreleased tracks by him, and a selection of new work by local talent from Sofia.



Ambient, Experimental, Post-Club

Death by Degrees OST – Underwater

Mytrip – Eyepiece

ASC & Sam KDC – Fleeting Premonition

Exhausted Modern – Food of the Gods

Space Afrika – out chair

Young Echo – Red Dot, Green Light

Lorn & Delor – The Garden

Jabu – Fool If (Jay Glass Dubs Rework)

SKY H1 ft. Soho Rezanejad – Animal

Shea McGilvray – fisen

Pontiac Streator – Om Ne Ud

Jabu – Wounds

Team Sleep – Delorian

Maltash – Kind Menace 

Evitceles – ???

LIEBCHEN – Hold Me Tighter

OMORI – Struggle Against Chaos

Overlook – Purr

Hyperlacrimae – Korekore-Matakawa

Mytrip – Warmth Patterns

Spite Cathedral – Wake Up Darlin’ I’m Spittin’ Blood 

Kuthi Jin – Foreign Crate

Cucina Povera – Resin

Perfect Stranger – To Act Upon Our Unfavorable Opinion of Anyone 

Evitceles – ???

Tekken 3 – King – OST

Jay Glass Dubs – The Wrong Frame

Black Rain & Shapednoise – Autonomous Lethality

Lachrin – Potesne Me Audire

Evitceles – ???

NIANDRAZ – The Wish Someone Made In The Dark

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