An eclectic and diverse mix of techno, ambient, new wave, electro and upcoming tunes



Techno, Ambient, New Wave

First hour – IUNA NIVA

øjeRum – Through Nothing We Shall Wander

Primitive Art – Live Recordings 2018-2019 (excerpt)

Sæbius – Wet Path 

Future Sound of London – Ill Flower 

Sonic Youth – Ghost Bitch 

Phill Struck – Delta

Kreggo – g00n

MTRL – Surya 

Film Maker – OOParts

Acronym – Residual Effects

Sam Mallet – Sun Glints On The Ocean 

IUNA NIVA – ??? [forthcoming on Solid Shape/ Uniös]

Evigt Mörker – Den stilla kammaren 

Korridor – Amygdala 

MTRL – Ossified Current

F ingers – Time Passes 

Celyn June – Bidders Patch (Possibility) / Distance All Singing

IUNA NIVA – [forthcoming on Solid Shape/ Uniös]

Second hour – Evitceles

Ben Bondy – ProrasoV. Kristoff – Inland Hymn

dj lostboi – D MAJOR XO LIFE

Kenji Kawai – Nightstalker

Nocktern – NoStalgia

Кloxii – BTXN 

Perishing Thirst – Sacred Agency

Chris And Cosey – Dr. John (Sleeping Stephen)

Phlp. – Deliverance

Kuedo – Story Of The Wolf

Evitceles – ???

RAMZi – mutation (Priori Refuzz)

Coil – Careful What You Wish For

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