Founded by Aura T-09 (Marcia Pinna) and Trickfinger (John Frusciante), Evar Records is a Los Angeles based electronic music label dedicated to finding collective harmony in a disparate group of sounds. With a fundamental emphasis on genre hybridization, Evar Records aims to cultivate an ever-evolving multidimensional experience that upholds musical integrity through a holistic approach. By considering how the body, mind and spirit connect back to genuine artistic expression, Evar leans into true feeling, allowing its forward-thinking instinct to take hold. These two mixes come from our founder Aura T-09 and one the first artists to be released on the label, (currently) Chicago based, S4M23.

Los Angeles


Trance, Euphoric Techno, Breaks, Jersey Club

Snog (Coluber) – +ssRNA6.1 Move

Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase (2. Version)

Van Hohenheim – Ni Dieu, Ni Maître

$Turmtruppen 1917 – True Fighter

Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy

Go Mike Gip – We Want Some Pussy

Fjaak – Wh~T

Thissperso – Geminis

Julian Muller – Devil Talks

Nova Cheq – Kaos Kage

trym – Falling Star

Minion – Grey Goo (forthcoming on Evar)

Wheez-ie – Pressure (Evar)

C.Z. – Retrograde (Evar)

Erotek – Gritten

JKS – Deep Energy

Maniken05 – Blue Cheese

Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion – WAP (Asquith 90s Techno Remix)

Dynamo City – Poison In The Machine

747 – Aurora Centralis (Schacke Remix)

C.Z. – Midnight (Evar):

Performance snippet of “Teach Yourself to Fly” by Pauline Oliveros

Orphx – Sever the Signal

Exclipsect – Armor Plume

Cienfuegos – Slipping Venus (ENTRO Remix)

Tomohiko Sagae – Amaranth

Rerekat – Jungle Control

Hypnoskull – Mech.Ind (Surgeon Remix)

No Favours – Limbo Nears End

Rerekat – Share Your Anxieties

Dalibor Cruz – Revised Rewritten

Hioll – Two Decades Ago

Millhouse – Trues Lies

Jehra – Deathwish (Verschwender Remix)

Hadone – A Guide to Education

Nicolas Vogler – Piano Roll

DJ Disrespect – Compression (Kick Drum Mix)

Rerekat – Out of Greed

Bookworms – You-Say-So

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