Curated set of explosive selectrion characterized by peculiar style and a combination of manipulated vocals with incessant rhythmic patterns.



Club, Leftfield, Techno

Lanark Artefax – Ferthenheap

Interviews – You can (Turn Around)


Le Dom – Lava Drums

Huna – Ryoichi

Ansome – Pedal To The Metal

Hedchef & 9TRANE – Thought Disorder

Entro Senestre – Thirty Six

Cosmox – ElectroStress


Aeoi – Fever Dull


Lithe – Nos

Ozwald – Prey

Ovid – Pressure Plate

Tim Karbon – Boiling Mafé Bowl

Martyn Bootyspoon – Lickety Split

Plebeian – Entry Plug

Rackz282 – DTRU

Bad_Mix – Out og phase

CRISPR – Dyad Symmetry

TDL BWOY – Blasted

Rackz282 – Safety Mark

Aeoi – Speedy Boo

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