Early Reflex, the leftfield club imprint from Turin run by Alec Pace, celebrates its first birthday with the release of the new and flashy Flex002 compilation featuring artists within the experimental sonosphere from all around the world. For this special occasion the Early Reflex will take over Ma3azef digital frequencies for three hours featuring guestmixes from six artists involved with the label. Focused around twisting grooves and heavy-hitting percussion, Splash Pattern produces jagged EBM aesthetics through a series of intense and cathartic principles aiming towards a clear-cut sound design which combine corporal club appeal.



Experimental, Electronic, Sound Design

Low Khey – Mauvaises Herbes

Olsvangér – Cinema Fascista

Loe Khey – Avaton Anomias

Misantrop – Homebound

Lithe – Chain of Whispers

Fragile X – Lifetime

Endless Mow – Spellcasters

Delay Grounds – Glass Refract

Syz – Circulate

Splash Pattern – (Re)gain

Credit 00 – Hammers Jack Voices Vail

Nova Cheq – Alone

CTRLS – Bounce Back

Splash Pattern – Antitoxin

ITAAAI – Pedigree Convolution

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