For this episode of our monthly show on Ma3azef radio, we present: Nick Klein & Bergsonist, in two consecutive sets of not club and club music from two lonely studios to all you lonesome dancers. Coming to you from a hermitic studio endeavor amid lockdown, Nicks’s set for this show is not club music, but rather an eclectic and honest selection of his latest record purchases. His words on this set are “Support your local labels and record stores with money. Free Palestine. Moroccon-born, New York-based artist Selwa Abd, aka Bergsonist -derived from Deleuze’s Bergsonism- is a producer, DJ, designer and activist who values intuition as the core tenet underlying her work.



Techno, House, Folk, Club

Julien Malaussena – Concerning Articulated Sound Energy (Excerpt) (Enmossed)

Kitchen Cynics – Dr.Guild (The Trilogy Tapes)

His Name Is Alive – Never (Disciples)

The Daytonians – I Got Everything (When I Got God) (Everland)

Piero Umliani – Questo Mondo Meraviglioso (Archi E Coro)

Shi Ni – 來跳個舞吧! (EMI Malaysia)

Anna Hogberg Attack – Dansa Margit (OMLOTT)

Saturn And The Sun – The New Age Is SHit (Stellage)

KORD – Vacation (Gooiland Elektro)

Neugeborene Nachtmusik – Maze (Petit Enfant)

Sololust – Dato1 ( Enfant Terrible)

Anne Gillis/Jac Berrocal/Jacques Doyen – Sacre

Tobias Bernstrup – Enemies Of The Earth (Enfant Terrible)

Paranoid Time – Lip Rippers (White Centipede Noise)

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