Dedicated to all the loved ones we lost and the loved ones whose functioning nervoussystems and blood circulation are still audible



Industrial, Ambient, Electronic

Set by Lawrence English Tracklist

Ruth Anderson – Pregnant Dream

Annea Lockwood – Tiger Balm 

Sarah Davachi – Postlude

Lucy Railton – Forma

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Six Worlds Of Touch

Jlin – First Overture (Spiritual Atom)

C. Lavender-Myth Of Equilibrium

Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos

Eiko Ishibashi – Hyakki Yagyō

Kate Carr –  A New Fan

Puce Mary – In Your Shadow

France Jobin – Death is perfection, everything else is relative 


Set by Cerpintxt Tracklist

tomaga / chiodi

umm kulthum // found reel #1: robaaeyat el khayam 

ka baird and muyassar kurdi // IIIII

dan peck // low

ethnic heritage ensemble // the continuum 

ariel kalma // ma-a-e-a

razen // II

bohren and der club of gore // midnight radio I

asmahan // found reel #2: layali el ons 

ichida pt.1 // eiko ishibashi 

cerpintxt // found reel #3

felicia atkinson // valis

gareth davis and frances-marie uitti // smoke

radionics radio // delawarr multi-oscillator experiment summary (c.1968)

gonzo // sancho e pingo 

william s burroughs // the afterbirth tycoon

andy moor and yannis kyriakides // 3 lobed 1 

abd el halim hafez // found reel  #4: fatet ganbena 

beatriz ferreyra // echos 

denseland // chant bleu 

oren marshall and the charming transport band // bush baby pt.1

cerpintxt // found words: vivisection 

clara rockmore // the firebird: berceuse (arr. for theremin and piano)

aki onda // bruise 

umm kulthum // found reel #5: el atlal 

german army // ariki

raime // do i stutter 

JASSS // cotton for lunch

the caretaker // C2 misplaced in time

sun ra // when there is no sun

marina rosenfeld // five (starry night)

c-schulz // himaal

deathprod // dead people’s things 

fairuz // altarik alaylaki 

arne deforce // cocytus

solo.op and kostantin sukhan // concert at mars center 

fairuz // wahdon 

the caretaker // i feel as if i might be vanishing

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