Drowned By Locals presents two artists from its latest release “Mollusk” Gooooose and Andrew Sunderland. Featuring the first take of ‘Mollusk’ recorded live by Han Han and intended for our radio show a year ago, followed by a haunting vocal-based set by Andrew. GOOOOOSE is a Shanghai-based music producer, composer, visual artist and software developer. In Mollusk, Gooooose takes us through 44 minutes and 50 seconds of elegantly morphing textures and sounds that are at once hopeful, yet full of apprehension. Recorded live in one take, the improvisational piece acts as a score to an ‘80s body horror film, marrying the real and the synthesised, invoking past and present, and a state of unresolved being. Andrew Sunderland’s art draws from a diverse range of sources including science fiction, electronic music, and cinema. For the album cover of Mollusk, Andrew was inspired by a slug infestation over some figures in his bathroom, and he made a sculpture uniquely for the album. The wonderful artwork for this show is also made by Andrew



Experimental, Classical

Gooooose ___ Mollusk (First take)

Fatima Miranda – Diaspasion

Sainkho Namtchylak – Coming Home II

Pan Daijing – Plate of Order

Patty Waters – Prayer

Triad God – So Pay La

Arca – Madre Acapella


Meredith Monk – Cow Song

Shirley Collins – Adieu to Old England

Rabit – Possessed

JPEGMAFIA – Panic Emoji

Ronce – Pure

Art of Noise – Moments in Love (love beat)

Fugees – Ready or Not Acapella

Ghedalia Tazartes – Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie Son

Mark Leckey – Exorcism of the Bridge @ Eastham Rake

SRS – Poly Calbot Triad

Ayshay – Jemsheed

Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas – Lexachast IV

Aja – Grief Hole

Chloe Sevigny singing in Julian Donkey Boy

Bjork / Mike Patton – Pleasure is all Mine

Liucė Lithuanian ancient folk song (Už ežero ugnys dega) (youtube) w/strings by Andrew Sunderland

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