The intention of this musical selection is to investigate the dialogue between the images provoked by the listening of sound and the imaginary film inside the mind of the individuals. Featuring music from contemporary, ambient and electroacoustic researches, into a strong relationship with acoustic and only audio sound sources. Demetrio Cecchitelli (b. 1997) is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and research artist.



Ambient, Art

Tim Shaw – Bell Study I

Grotta Veterano – The Birch Tree

Giulia Deval + Andrea Marazzi – Cyborg Sibyl

Stefano De Ponti, Lorenzo Peluffo – Punctum 02 B

Jen Hill & Claire Rousay – Alcohol

Angelo Bignamini – Ossa Secche sul Greto

Alexander Wendt + Slow Listener – Crossover

Mathias Delplanque – Débris (for Ephraim Wegner)

Vitor Joaquim & Miguel Carvalhais – LLLX

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