The show gallops alongside Death Qualia’s first solo release in 3 years, the Fanged Contradiction EP out on OHM resistance record label



Electronic, Ultratechno, Splittertrap

Aho Ssan – Outro (ft. The Mensah Imaginary Band)

Abjection – Hexing The Alien

Ancient Methods – The Seven Shofars (feat. Orphx)

Death Qualia – Brightest Black [VIP]

Noisia – Vaporized (Armajet Soundtrack)

Goedel – ???

Playground Hustle – Mladež bez Boga (Kronom remix)

Trisicloplox – Cloaker [qualwork]

Muqata’a – Thakirat Al-ma’ ذاكرة الماء

Yaporigami – Glance I Fell

Michael O’Shea – No Journey’s End

Machine Woman – SD001

Dadub – Airless Vault

Dadub – Ascetic Denial

Diagnostic & Aethereal Arthropod – PSXLM

Narcos2020 – shortcuts for paychad

Trisicloplox – Pit of Wrung

Aigokeros – Spinal Temple

Death Qualia & Aethereal Arthropod – ???

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Self Care, Covered in Potting Soil

These Hidden Hands – These Moments Dismantled feat. Lucrecia Dalt

Mogano & Rell – ???

Scald & The Seer – Plunge (UKAEA remix)

OFK – Irratic Behavior (Cocktail Party Effect rmx)

EON – ???

La Peste – je le sais je le sang

adammmmmmmmmmmm – feeling a moment

trngs – S( )LV3NT

trngs – 1100

HFK – live cut

N. Brennan + Orokin – Killing Machine

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