MICHAELBRAILEY provides an all-club mix in celebration EP ‘The broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action’ Released on Astral Plane Recordings.



Experimental, Pop, Club

Madonna – Erotica

Silvestre – Sivinho

Louis Me – Pearly Gates

Zebra Katz x Kuthi Jin & Le Dom – Crawl Til It’s Sore [MICHAELBRAILEY MOOR is MOOR is MOOR edit]

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Tachyon Particles

Slikback – AKI

Kelman Duran – RAISA

Arash Moori – Hinterland Direct

Sand Pact – Airdrop Tool

Chants – One Note

Blackhaine – Guarantee

borderland state & the best kisser in LA – silicon overseer

CRYSTALLMESS – Fear of a / Black Planet

Headie One, RV & Monkey – Mob Ties (Handle With Care Technoedit)

Varg2TM – Parasites (Exploited Body Remix)

quest?onmarc – Contagion

Uncle Izzy – Stacy’s Dad

BLEID – Make It Stop (Aggression Mix)

Distal – Jaws of Deltoy (Aquarian 2014 Edit)

Charli XCX – pink diamond

Loyalty XIX – False Validation (Kablam Remix)

kindohm – Warm Enclosure

CNDSD – Marimbula [MICHAELBRAILEY ‘if i said I want your body’ transfer edit]

Ziúr – Are We?

Leo – beckoned

ZULI – Trigger Finger (Daniel Ruane Relapse)

Jasmine Infiniti – YES, SIR

Meredith Monk, Colin Walcott – Fear and Loathing in Gotham: Gotham Lullaby [MICHAELBRAILEY quantised]

Emalkay – True Romance

MICHAELBRAILEY – he always told me i was gonna break hearts [blueface, rabit]

MICHAELBRAILEY – you might never get this moment again [jls, downlink – ‘the quintessential distillation of 2k09’]

MICHAELBRAILEY – i wanna know what it feels like [slick shoota, dj lostboi, caroline polachek]

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