An ode to rave! Circa A.D., which stands for Circa After Death, is a Lisbon based collective focused on showcasing new talents in music among LGBTQ+people. This month’s show is a takeover by Fylha from the Circa A. D collective.



Experimental, Dance, Electronic

Dasychira – Sensation

Chino Amobi – White Mætel

Swan Meat – Alucard

Nkisi – FORCE

Nkisi – Dark Orchestra

Jlin – Holy Child 

8ULENTINA – No I Was Fast

NAAFI – Gauzy

CYPHR – Ekleipsis

Swan Meat – Umwelt

Nahshi – Contrail

Doon Kanda – Heart

DJ Haram – Ripe

Ultradyne – Primal Opressor

Lotic – Resilience 

ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş x deadrazy – Ņŏůţ

in3briant – HΔ†Σ

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