This show is about r’n’b and emo stuff from friends and beyond 🙂 



R&B, Trap

Chams – Dreamland (prod. Ytem)

Fauness – Soon there will be no summer

Erika de Casier – Drama

Nao vs Ak Paul – So good

Lil rhiz0me – Vow

Corbin – Misery

Jam City – Cartwheel

Serane – Pardonne moi

Angel Wei – Nobody calls when i’m lonely

t0ni – the only way is down

Dj clope – princess lusheeta

Triad god – BDG

Alex Compton – 1 year theme

Noctilucents – Lonely

Kysplease – Xeno;labia

Jonquera & Hajj – Défonce civile

Ize – This is not a drill

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