This radio show focuses on the current work of some experimental electronic music producers from Palestine. For several months I’ve been working on it and getting in touch with artists from there. It seemed important to me to do a show not only inviting Dakn @dakn791 as a guest, one of my favorite musicians of the electronic music scene in Palestine, but also to give an opportunity to spread what is happening there not only at a political level but also at a cultural one. Also as a way to support local artists from there. The artwork was a collaboration I did with HYPE PEACE @hype.peace, a Palestinian streetwear label that seeks to highlight the political and social reality there by implanting itself as a parasite in the underground fashion industry. Using fashion to talk about politics, the designs are inspired by iconic images which are then translated to highlight and support specific causes of importance to the global community, playfully adopting the aesthetic to ironic effect.



Electronic, Hip Hop, Trap, Ambient

Mukta-feen – The Eternal Forest III – III الغابة الأزلية

Al Raqs Ma’ Hawwa’ – (prod by Muqata’a)الرقص مع حواء

Makimakkuk – ماكي مكوك – ماكي مكوك – مش مع إنه Mesh Ma’ Enno

Dakn x Muqataa – Fi Miad (Prod.Dakn) في ميعاد – داكن و مقاطعة

SHAM Asma – Ife ti o jẹ idiju ṣugbọn ti idan✨Loving you is complicated but magical

Muqata – Bilharf Alwahad بالحَرف الواحَد

Ra.را – Ra _ لعنة

Haykal – Sot Ramallah (ZULI Remix)

Al Nather – Aywa – أيوا

Muqata’a – Ikhtiraq


Makimakkuk – ماكي مكوك – Tartaqa

Mukta-feen – Blue Moon Bar – حانة القمر الأزرق

Ra.را – HaikAshal (ft.MSHVKL)

Naseej Ankhamun – (prod by Muqata’a)نسيج عنخ آمون

Dakn داكنْ – line break مدخل

Dirar Kalash – of quietude (excerpt)

geminus – Dolenz

in Arabic it means – Tashweesh

water Vapor (ft. Sea Urchir) – 7FO

Sht – Dakn

Floating points – Sais ( dub )

Paul Birken – Slew IT

role of life – Vinnie paz

Zen approach – black thought


Xtream – Dakn

Muqata’a – Bilharf Alwahad

Feed my ancestors  – Hiro Kone

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