Sorcery is the project of Montreal-born, Berlin-based Merlin Ettore. His sound blurs the lines between synthetic and organic sonic materials in a very singular way. Track after track, the involvement in composition deepens, leading from experimental outskirts to entirely calculated and nuanced works. A first in years, Bedouin Records brings these six fleshed out tracks of warped techno to listeners, bent-out-of-shape dancers, hard drive hoarders, and online forum pagans. Ready yourself for aggressive perfection and abrasive rhythm.



Dance, Electronic

Aho Ssan – Simulacrum II


Slikback – LEI

Air Max ’97 – Plasticity

Slikback – SMOKE

Corin – Maria’s Dream

Llesca – Sharks (Neana Remix)

Dalhous – Sight of Hirts

Sorcery – Synovial Membrane

Ireen Amnes & Kamikaze Space Programme – Ladder

Bookworms – Dehydration

Aisha Devi – Genesis of Ohm

KKnull & DotProduct – Error Message

Kamikaze Space Programme & Cocktail Party Effect – BetaMax

Yen Tech – Arsenal

Sorcery – On the Bias

Rhyw – Season of Teeth

Mars89 – Flatliner

Chloe Lula – Discarded Desire

Raiden – Habitat 67 (Sorcery Remix)

Kangding Ray – Branches

TSVI & Randomer – Reflex

Nyctophobia – Anglo

Sorcery – Nacreous Viper

Object Blue & TSVI – Thought Experiment

SøS Gunver Ryberg – Silver Thread

Ziur – Orange Cream Drip

Ziur – Antifate

Sorcery – Rainfall Runoff Modeling

Sorcery – ERRM (feat. Elsiane)

Ireen Amnes – How Have We Got Here 

Arvo Part – My hearts in the Highlands

Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum

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