With seasons’ change comes the change of moods. This pilot mix from Ma3azef Radio resident and co-founder of one of Beirut’s best clubs, The Ballroom Blitz, explores a variety of moods within Hip Hop and Electronics.



Hiphop, Downtempo, Breaks

Mad Honey – Gantz

45 in the Chamber – Maes

Szechuan – Fatima Al Qadiri

I OYU3 33REA – Little Snake

Ataxia B2 – Rian Treanor

Serpent – TNGHT

Roraima – Drae Da Skimask

ONEFICEOOOH – The Fear Ratio

Midnight Marauders – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Escher – Oxóssi 

Elmo Rehab – Gantz

Pink Uzi Gang – Eva808

Seeker – Goth Trad 

Slazenger Dub – Khabs

[interlude: Ma3azef interview with Shabjdeed]

LA Melody – Konx Om Pax

Zero Fucks – Special Request

Induction – Djrum

Wouh – Nicolas Jaar

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