Nidal Taha invites Internazionale to his monthly show; Internazionale is one of the many aliases of Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley, a Copenhagen-based artist, who created a unique sonic world through his own music and the curation of the Janushoved label.



Experimental, Ambient

Mareld – Hopp Brinner För Evigt

Piag3t – Ways Of Saying

O. Vaupel – Untitled 2

Internazionale – Life And Liberation

Xenia Xamanek – Espejismo

Romance Relic – Heartmelter (Reprise)

Victor Espasandín – Talismán De Arena

Gersemi – Amrita

Mareld – Den Stora Sorgens Famn

Romance Relic – World Canvas _ Exhale

Soho Rezanejad – Title Sequence I (Opening Credits For An Imagined Film)

Ryong – Shindansu

Tettix Hexer – Visible Winds Of Spring

Violence Of The Fauve – Paprika

Xuri – Mycelia Dreams

Varg2TM – The Sea Has Many Voices, Many Gods And Many Voices

Hviledag – Hjælp Mig Ud Af Mig Selv

Olympisk Løft – Første Strygerstykke For Paradis

Shell Fantasy – Tacit

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